Library of Congress
CLINTON, De Witt (1769-1828)
Senate Years of Service: 1802-1803

CLINTON, DE WITT, (half brother of James Graham Clinton, nephew of George Clinton[1739-1812] and brother of George Clinton [1771-1809]), a Senator from New York; born in Napanock, Ulster County, N.Y., March 2, 1769; graduated from Columbia College in 1786; studied law; admitted to the bar in 1790 and commenced practice in New York City; private secretary to the Governor 1790-1795; member, State assembly 1798; member, State senate 1798-1802, 1806-1811; delegate to the State constitutional convention in 1801; member of the council of appointments in 1801, 1802, 1806, and 1807; elected as a Democratic Republican to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of John Armstrong and served from February 9, 1802, to November 4, 1803, when he resigned; mayor of the city of New York 1803-1807, 1810, 1811, 1813, and 1814; while mayor he organized the Historical Society of New York in 1804 and was its president; also organized the Academy of Fine Arts in 1808; lieutenant governor of New York 1811-1813; unsuccessful candidate of the Peace Party for President of the United States in 1812; regent of the University of New York 1808-1825; in 1809 was a member of the commission to explore a route for a canal between Lake Erie and the Hudson River, broke ground for that canal while Governor, and served several years as canal commissioner; Governor of the State 1817-1821, 1825-1828; died in Albany, N.Y., on February 11, 1828; interment in Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Albany Institute of History and Art
Albany, NY
Papers: 1775-1813. 180 items. DeWitt Clinton Broadside collection includes broadsides and circulars dealing mainly with New York and U.S. politics, 1879-1802, and New York State Senate and Assembly reports, 1811-1813. Finding aid.

Boston Public Library
Boston, MA
Papers: 8 items.

Columbia University
Rare Book and Manuscript Library
New York, NY
Papers: 1785-1828. Ca. 3,400 items. Twenty-four volumes of public papers and letterbooks. Volumes 1-15 contain letters received (1785-1828), volumes 16-23 are letterbooks (1793-1828). Volume 24 contains miscellaneous papers, speeches, and poems in various hands. Available on microfilm. Finding aid.

Connecticut Historical Society
Hartford, CT
Papers: 1 letter from Timothy Dwight (December 23, 1812) in miscellaneous letters; 1 letter from Oliver Wolcott (April 4, 1822) in Oliver Wolcott manuscripts; and 1 letter to secretary of the navy in A.L. Butler autograph collection.

Goshen Library and Historical Society
Goshen, NY
Papers: 1 military commission.

Grand Lodge Library and Museum
Masonic Hall
New York, NY
Papers: 1790-1828. 3 feet. Correspondence, administrative documents, and memorabilia concerning his activities as chief officer of the Grand Lodge of New York.

Library of Congress
Manuscripts Division
Washington, DC
Papers: 1788-1828. 4 items.

Long Island Historical Society
Brooklyn, NY
Papers: Letters in Brooklyn letters collection 1814-1976.

Massachusetts Historical Society
Boston, MA
Papers: 27 items (1802-1828) in various collections. Finding aid.

Museum of the City of New York
New York, NY
Papers: 1778-1818. 9 items. Also portraits.

New Jersey Historical Society
Newark, NJ
Papers: Correspondence in Stevens family papers, 1663-1959.

New-York Historical Society
New York, NY
Papers: 1784-1828. 1 volume. Volume contains letters (153 items) sent to Clinton relating primarily to his membership in various organizations.
Additional Papers: In the Clinton family papers, 1779-1856; minutes of the New York City Mayor's court, 1808; Mayor Clinton, 2 volumes, 1812; and correspondence in the Randall J. LeBoeuf collection, 1764-1857.

New York Public Library
New York, NY
Papers: 1790-1835. Ca. 115 items. Correspondence, clippings, and miscellaneous papers including letters (1807-1812) to Henry Remsen relating to personal matters, politics, real estate, legislation, and proposed banks; and letters (1815-1825) to John Pinard relating to Clinton's son, construction of canals, and the historical and medical societies of New York City.

New York State Library
Manuscripts and Special Collections
Albany, NY
Papers: 1788-1833. 45 items. Letterbook (1818-1823) of letters to his son; letterbook (1827-1833) of George Clinton; speeches, (ca. 1792-1811); scrapbook of clippings, memorial and obituary notices; correspondence; bills; telegrams and legal papers of Clinton and his family. Finding aid.

Pierpont Morgan Library
New York, NY
Papers: 1790-1827. 16 items.

University of Virginia
Alderman Library
Charlottesville, VA
Papers: Correspondence in various collections. Finding aid.

Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site
Newburgh, NY
Papers: 1783-1856. 184 items. Correspondence, military papers, and proclamations by and about Clinton. Many letters are from Clinton to his son, Charles A. Clinton, and relate chiefly to political matters. Includes minutes (1856) of the Century Club concerning a portrait of Clinton. Finding aid.

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