HARDING, Warren Gamaliel (1865-1923)

HARDING, WARREN GAMALIEL, a Senator from Ohio and 29th President of the United States; born in Blooming Grove, Morrow County, Ohio, November 2, 1865; attended the public schools and Ohio Central College at Iberia; studied law for a short time; taught school; engaged in the insurance business; became editor and publisher of the Marion Star in 1884; member, State senate 1899-1903; lieutenant governor of Ohio 1904-1905; unsuccessful Republican candidate for Governor in 1910; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1915, until his resignation, effective January 13, 1921, having been elected President; chairman, Committee on the Philippines (Sixty-sixth Congress); elected President of the United States on the Republican ticket, was inaugurated March 4, 1921, and served until his death in San Francisco, Calif., while on a tour of the Western States and Alaska, August 2, 1923; lay in state in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, August 8, 1923; interment in Marion Cemetery, Marion, Ohio; reinterment in Harding Memorial Tomb.

Columbia University
Oral History Project
New York, NY
Oral History: Discussed in several interviews.

Columbia University
Rare Book and Manuscript Library
New York, NY
Papers: Correspondence in Charles Evans Hughes papers, 1914-1930; and Nicholas Murray Butler papers, [ca. 1891-1947].

Cornell University
Labor Management Documentation
Ithaca, NY
Papers: Correspondence in American Association for Labor Legislation correspondence, 1920-1925.

Cornell University
Rare Books and Manuscript Collections
Ithaca, NY
Papers: Correspondence in Civil Service Reform Association records, 1880-1947; and Jacob Gould Schurman papers, 1878-1986.

Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH
Papers: Correspondence in John Wingate Weeks papers, 1877-1926.

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Archives
New York, NY
Papers: Correspondence in Benjamin Strong papers, 1911-1929 (bulk 1914-1928).

Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA
Papers: Correspondence in Joseph Hampton Moore papers, 1884-1949.

Herbert Hoover Library
West Branch, IA
Papers: 203 microfilm reels of selected portions of originals (1914-1963) in Ohio Historical Society.

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace
Stanford, CA
Papers: In Hubert Work miscellaneous papers, 1922-1939; Ray Lyman Wilbur papers, 1906-1964; E. Carl Wallen papers, 1918-1923; and Joseph Jessey photographs, 1923.

Indiana State Library
Indianapolis, IN
Papers: Correspondence in Richard Lieber papers, 1892-1958 (bulk 1933-1944); and Will Harrison Hays papers, 1857-1954 (bulk 1914-1954).

Knox College
Seymour Library
Galesburg, IL
Papers: 1 letter (May 24, 1916) in Sang autograph collection, 1751-1954; and 1 letter (April 2, 1921) and enrollment card (April 6, 1921) in "The Order of Bookfellows'' in Bookfellow Foundation autograph collection, 1793-1945.

Library of Congress
Manuscript Division
Washington, DC
Papers: 1908-1926. 3 containers. Finding aid.
Additional Papers: Correspondence in Stanley Washburn papers, 1912-1945; Mabel Walker Willebrandt papers 1881-1978, relating to husband's service as assistant attorney general under Harding; and 263 reels of microfilm of originals (1888-1923) at the Ohio Historical Society.

Massachusetts Historical Society
Boston, MA
Papers: Miscellaneous references and letters (1904-1923) in various collections. Finding aid.

New Jersey Historical Society
Newark, NJ
Papers: Correspondence in McDowell family papers, 1792-1966.

New York Public Library
New York, NY
Papers: Ca. 240 items (ca. 1916-1920) in various collections; and in A.F.R. Lawrence collection of historical spoken word sound recordings, 1900-1970.

Ohio Historical Society
Columbus, OH
Papers: 1888-1923. 250 feet. Business, personal and political papers from throughout Harding's career including correspondence, speeches and appointment books, clippings, photographs, and campaign records. Available on 263 microfilm reels. Finding aid.
Additional Papers: Several miscellaneous letters in various collections including Charles E. Hard papers, 1894-1941; Cyril Clemens papers, 1927-1952; Harry Micajah Daugherty papers, 1912-1934; and typescript of The Rise of Warren Gamaliel Harding, 1865-1920 (1970) by Randolph Chandler Downes.

Ohio State University Libraries
Columbus, OH
Papers: 38 letters to Harding and 132 items of correspondence with George B. Christian, Harding's secretary, in Orlando S. Rapp papers, 1917-1928. Finding aid.

Pierpont Morgan Library
New York, NY
Papers: 1921. 2 items.

Princeton University
Seeley G. Mudd Library
Princeton, NJ
Papers: Ca.70 items (1904-1922) in the Andre de Coppet collection.

Radcliffe College
Schlesinger Library
Cambridge, MA
Papers: In Anna Churchill Moulton Tillinghast papers, 1911-1945; Edith Nourse Rogers papers, 1854-1961; Elizabeth Lowell Putnam papers, 1887-1935; and Mary Anderson papers, 1918-1960, available on microfilm.

Stanford University Libraries
Special Collections
Stanford, CA
Papers: In Elmer E. Robinson collection, 1765-1950; Harwood family papers, 1722-1962; and Francis B. Loomis papers, 1897-1939, available on microfilm.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Archives Division
Madison, WI
Papers: Correspondence in Byron Price papers, 1901-1976.

University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
Papers: Items in several collections, photographs, and ephemera.
Oral History: Discussed in Ralph Palmer Merritt interview.

University of Iowa Libraries
Special Collections Department
Iowa City, IA
Papers: 1910-1922. 7 letters. Also in Henry Cantwell Wallace papers, 1904-1930.

University of Massachusetts Amherst
Amherst, MA
Papers: 1864-1962 (bulk 1920-1923). 12 feet. Photocopies and transcripts of originals in Ohio Historical Society, other repositories, and in private hands collected by Dean Albertson for a biography of Harding. Includes correspondence; speeches; appointment books; congressional hearing transcripts on Veterans Bureau, naval oil reserve leases (Teapot Dome scandal), and Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty; diary (1922) of Ike Hoover; photographs; and calendar of Harding's activities. Finding aid. Access to correspondence of Nan Britten and Carrie Phillips is restricted until 2014.

University of Michigan
Bentley Historical Library
Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: Correspondence in Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg papers, 1884-1974; Chase Salmon Osborn papers, 1889-1949; James Kerr Pollock papers, 1920-1968; James Orin Murfin papers, 1896-1940; Earl C. Michener papers, 1898-1934 and 1940-1954; Henry Bourne Joy papers, 1883-1937; W.B. Hinsdale papers, 1895-1934; Roy Dikeman Chapin papers, 1886-1937; Benjamin Sawtell Hanchett papers, 1888-1958; and Marion LeRoy Burton papers, 1901-1925.

University of Virginia
Alderman Library
Charlottesville, VA
Papers: Correspondence in Thomas Walker Page papers, 1906-1937.

Virginia Historical Society
Richmond, VA
Papers: Miscellaneous items. Finding aid.

Yale University Libraries
Manuscripts and Archives
New Haven, CT
Papers: 263 microfilm reels of originals (1883-1965) at Ohio Historical Society. Finding aid.
Additional Papers: In William Kent family papers, 1768-1961; Harry Weinberger papers, 1915-1942; Charles Dewey Hilles papers, 1885-1955; Henry Lewis Stimson papers, 1846-1966; Chauncey Mitchell Depew papers, 1880-1928; and Alfred White Van Sinderen collection, 1782-1969.
Research Libraries Information Network In addition to the institutions listed above, items are also cataloged in collections at: Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, AL; Alice T. Miner Colonial Collection, Chazy, NY; Boise State University Library, Boise, ID; Brown University, Providence, RI; Cornell University Libraries, Rare Books and Manuscript Collections, Ithaca, NY; Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH; Hagley Museum and Library, Greenville, DE; Hamilton and Kirkland College, Clinton, NY; Haverford College Library, Haverford, PA; Johns Hopkins University, Milton S. Eisenhower Library, Baltimore, MD; Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia, PA; Rye Historical Society, Rye, NY; Syracuse University, George Arents Research Library, Syracuse, NY; Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, PA; University of Minnesota, Immigration History Research Center, St. Paul, MN; University of Nevada, Reno, NV; and Yale Divinity School Library, New Haven, CT.

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