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HAYES, Rutherford Birchard (1822-1893)

HAYES, RUTHERFORD BIRCHARD, a Representative from Ohio and 19th President of the United States; born in Delaware, Delaware County, Ohio, October 4, 1822; attended the common schools, the Methodist Academy in Norwalk, Ohio, and the Webb Preparatory School in Middletown, Conn.; graduated from Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio, in August 1842 and from the Harvard Law School in January 1845; admitted to the bar on May 10, 1845, and commenced practice in Lower Sandusky (now Fremont); moved to Cincinnati in 1849 and resumed the practice of law; city solicitor 1857-1859; commissioned major of the Twenty-third Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, June 27, 1861; lieutenant colonel October 24, 1861; colonel October 24, 1862; brigadier general of Volunteers October 9, 1864; brevetted major general of Volunteers March 3, 1865; elected as a Republican to the Thirty-ninth and Fortieth Congresses and served from March 4, 1865, to July 20, 1867, when he resigned, having been nominated for Governor of Ohio; Governor 1868-1872; unsuccessful candidate for election to the Forty-third Congress; again elected Governor and served from January 1876 to March 2, 1877, when he resigned, having been elected President of the United States; was inaugurated March 5, 1877, and served until March 3, 1881; died in Fremont, Sandusky County, Ohio, January 17, 1893; interment in Oakwood Cemetery; following the gift of his home to the State of Ohio for the Spiegel Grove State Park, was reinterred there in 1915.

Boston Public Library
Boston, MA
Papers: 1 letter.

Brigham Young University
L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library
Provo, UT
Papers: 1870, 1 letter.
A letter from Hayes to A.T. Goodman written on January 1, 1870.

Papers: 1877, 1 letter.
A letter from Benjamin Harrison to Hayes written on March 6, 1877.

Brooklyn Historical Society
Brooklyn, NY
Papers: 1878, 1 item.
A naval appointment dated May 17, 1878. Finding aid in repository.

Cincinnati Historical Society
Cincinnati, OH

Duke University
Durham, NC
Papers: In U.S. Presidents' papers, 1753-1935, 202 items.
Card index in library.

Harvard University
Law School Library
Cambridge, MA
Papers: 1878, 1 item.
A letter from Hayes to William S. Crump written on November 20, 1878. In the letter, Hayes asks Crump to send him some books and other materials from Washington.

Indiana Historical Society
Indianapolis, IN
Papers: 31 scattered letters.

Library of Congress
Manuscript Division
Washington, DC
Papers: 1856-1892, 2 containers.
Includes an index.

Papers: 1829-1896, 304 reels of microfilm.
Originals in Rutherford B. Hayes Library and other repositories.

Minnesota Historical Society
St. Paul, MN
Papers: 1829-1895, 3 reels of microfilm.
Originals in Rutherford B. Hayes Library.

The Morgan Library
Department of Literary and Historical Manuscripts
New York, NY
Papers: 1877, 1 item.
A letter from William Gannaway Brownlow to Hayes written on April 24, 1877. In the letter, Brownlow recommends the appointment of John Baxter of Knoxville to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Papers: 1869, 1 item.
A letter from Hayes to an unidentified recipient written on November 4, 1869. In the letter, Hayes recommends Hon. Richard M. Corwine of Cincinnati.

Papers: 1879, 1 item.
A letter from Hayes to an unidentified recipient written on April 9, 1879. In the letter, Hayes appoints George H. Butler to a major in the Marine Corps.

Papers: 1887, 1 item.
A letter from Hayes to Edgar F. Gladoni written on April 23, 1887.

Papers: 1876, 1 item.
A letter from Hayes to an unidentified recipient written on June 12, 1876.

New York Genealogical and Biographical Society Library
New York, NY
Papers: Genealogical chart, prepared ca. 1860.
Finding aid in repository.

New-York Historical Society
New York, NY
Papers: 1872-1880, 15 letters.
Papers: 1879, 1 page.
A letter from John Sherman to President Rutherford B. Hayes written on December 14, 1879. In the letter, Sherman writes to Hayes to cancel their riding engagement.

Ohio Historical Society
Columbus, OH
Papers: 1868-1880, 1 roll of microfilm.
Selected Hayes correspondence collected by William H. Smith.

The Ohio State University Libraries
Columbus, OH
Papers: 1887-1892, 63 items.
Letters relating to Ohio State University. Restricted.

Rosenbach Museum and Library
Philadelphia, PA
Papers: ca. 1873, 1 item.
A letter from Hayes to W.O. Davie & Co. written around December 26, 1873. In the letter, Hayes places bids for four books from an auction catalog.

Rutherford B. Hayes Library
Fremont, OH
Papers: 1835-1893, 160 feet.
Papers and correspondence concerning his family and personal affairs, military service, business and law practice, political career, and other activities. Unpublished index in library.

Papers: In the Grant-Dickinson-Butman Papers,1833-1875, 10 boxes.
Correspondence, legal documents, land records, photographs and photograph album, ephemera, and other materials of the allied families of Grant, Dickinson, and Butman. Of particular interest is the correspondence to and from the Hayes family as well as the Beaugrand family, chiefly of a personal nature, with reference to travel, health issues, births, deaths, and marriages within the families. Collection also contains diary and photograph album of Sarah Jane Grant; several books with newspaper clippings pertaining to Rutherford B. Hayes and Civil War era political issues; index of correspondence of Rutherford B. Hayes, Lucy Webb Hayes, Fanny Hayes, Sardis Birchard, Webb C. Hayes, and Birchard Hayes (referring to materials originally in this collection but transferred to their corresponding collections housed separately in the repository); journal entitled "The Youth's Companion" (1864, an oversize item); and letters (1832-1840s) from Rodolphus Dickinson, from Lower Sandusky (Fremont) and later Columbus, Ohio, chiefly written to Statira Grant and Alexander J. Dickinson as well as a legal agreement and biography of Rodolphus Dickinson. Correspondents include Birchard A. Hayes, Mary Birchard, Fannie Cooke, Horace K. King, Emma White, and members of the Ball family.

Papers: In Charles Richard Williams book manuscripts, 1914-1926, ca. 5 feet.
Manuscripts and page and galley proofs of Williams' two books on Hayes.

University of California, Berkeley
The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, CA
Papers: 1877, 1 page.
A letter from Hayes to an unidentified recipient written on October 30, 1877. In the letter, Hayes requests that C.A. Tweed be reappointed district judge in Arizona.

Papers: 1880, 1 page.
A land grant awarded by Hayes to George Wood dated April 30, 1880. The land grant is for 160 acres of land in California.

University of Iowa Libraries
Special Collections and University Archives
Iowa City, IA
Papers: 1881, 1 item.
A letter from Hayes to Major Morgan written on August 2, 1881. In the letter, Hayes writes concerning his request for an annual report and his anxiety over President Garfield's condition.

Papers: 1866, 1 item.
A letter from Hayes to Thomas C. Durant written on October 3, 1866. In the letter, Hayes writes concerning his regret at not being able to participate in the celebration of the completion of the Union Pacific Railroad.

University of Texas
Center for American History
Austin, TX
Papers: Correspondence in the Guy Morrison Bryan papers, 1838-1901, 3 feet.
Finding aid in repository.

Wisconsin Historical Society
Madison, WI
Papers: In the Hayes and Wheeler Club (Dodge County, Wis.) Papers, 1876, 1 folder.

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