LODGE, Henry Cabot, Jr. (1902-1985)
Senate Years of Service: 1937-1944; 1947-1953

LODGE, HENRY CABOT, JR., (Great-great-great grandson of George Cabot, great-great grandson of John Davis of Massachusetts, great-great grandson of Elijah Hunt Mills, grandson of Henry Cabot Lodge, brother of John Davis Lodge, and nephew of Augustus P. Gardner), a Senator from Massachusetts; born in Nahant, Essex County, Mass., on July 5, 1902; graduated from Middlesex School, Concord, Mass., in 1920 and from Harvard University in 1924; engaged in newspaper work 1924-1931; member, Massachusetts State legislature 1933-1936; elected as a Republican to the United States Senate in 1936; reelected in 1942, and served from January 3, 1937, until his resignation on February 3, 1944, to go on active duty during the Second World War in the United States Army; the first United States Senator since the Civil War to leave the Senate in order to go to war; served in the Mediterranean and European Theaters, rising to lieutenant colonel; again elected to the United States Senate in 1946 and served from January 3, 1947, to January 3, 1953; unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1952; United States representative to the United Nations from February 1953 until his resignation September 3, 1960; unsuccessful Republican nominee for Vice President of the United States in 1960; Ambassador to Republic of Vietnam 1963-1964; again appointed Ambassador to Vietnam 1965-1967; United States Ambassador at Large 1967-1968; Ambassador to Germany 1968-1969; appointed by President Richard Nixon to serve as head of the American delegation to the Vietnam peace negotiations in Paris, France, and served until December 1969; appointed by President Nixon to serve as special envoy to the Vatican 1970-1977; died in Beverly, Mass., February 27, 1985; interment in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Mass.

American Jewish Historical Society
Waltham, MA
Papers: Correspondence in Charles Schwager papers, 1909-1948.

Boston University
Boston, MA
Papers: 1939-1970. 20 letters, 2 telegrams.

Boston Public Library
Boston, MA
Papers: 3 items.

Broadcast Pioneers Library
University of Maryland Hornbake Library
College Park, MD
Papers: 6 audiotapes (1960) in Westinghouse Broadcasting Company collection, 1945-1981.

Columbia University
Oral History Project
New York, NY
Oral History: Discussed in interviews with Charles Cook, Luther Evans, and Claude Feuss.

Columbia University
Rare Book and Manuscript Library
New York, NY
Papers: In Henry Beetle Hough papers, 1841-1986; Vangard Press records, ca. 1925-1985; Jacques Barzun papers, ca. 1900-1992 (partial restrictions); Andrew Wellington Cordier papers, 1918-1975; Edwin H. Armstrong papers, 1890-1972; Geoffrey Parsons papers, ca. 1919-1959; and Committee for the Education of Russian Youth in Exile records, ca. 1914-1939.

Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH
Papers: In Dartmouth Convocation on Great Issues in the Anglo-Canadian-American Community records, 1956-1957; Channing Harris Cox papers, 1904-1960; and Abraham A. Desser papers, 1925-1973.

East Carolina University
Joyner Library
Greenville, NC
Papers: Correspondence in Ira Thomas Wyche papers, 1941-1962.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Library
Abilene, KS
Papers: 1942-1952. 1 microfilm reel. Memos to and from Dwight D. Eisenhower. Do not cover Lodge's Senate career.

Harvard University
Law School Library
Cambridge, MA
Papers: In Lawrence Graham Brooks papers, 1897-1981; and Walter Barton Leach papers, 1920-1971 (bulk 1940-1970).

Harvard University
Pusey Library
Cambridge, MA
Papers: In Samuel Eliot Morison papers, 1807-1976.

Harvard University
Houghton Library
Cambridge, MA
Papers: In Christian Archibald Herter papers, 1929-1967 (bulk 1943-1966).

Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
Austin, TX
Papers: 1954-1958. 1 foot. Copies of personal correspondence concerning his relationship with Johnson.

John F. Kennedy Library
Boston, MA
Oral History: 1965. 36 pages. Portions closed.

Massachusetts State Archives
Boston, MA
Papers: 1919-1988. 26 items. Photographs of Lodge. Originals of exhibit photographs in Massachusetts Historical Society.

Massachusetts Historical Society
Boston, MA
Papers: 1920-1985. 140 linear feet. Official and personal correspondence, diaries (1942-1945), appointment calendars, legislative files (1947-1952), speeches, United Nations papers, Lodge-Eisenhower correspondence, Atlantic Institute papers, Vietnam papers, scrapbooks, campaign papers, audiovisual materials, memorabilia, photographs, and books.

Peabody Essex Museum
Salem, MA
Papers: 1934-1946. 1 folder. Correspondence.

Princeton University
Dulles Oral History Project
Princeton, NJ
Oral History: 1965. 44 pages. Permission required to cite or quote.

Radcliffe College
Schlesinger Library
Cambridge, MA
Papers: In Eva Whiting White papers, 1900-1965; Anna Churchill Moulton Tillinghast papers, 1911-1945; Edith Nourse Rogers papers, 1854-1961 (bulk 1881-1961); Mary Pillsbury Lord papers, 1927-1972; Rosa Marie Finnochietti Levis papers, 1890-1959; Mildred Buchanan Flagg papers, 1876-1955 (bulk 1900-1955); Consumers' League of Massachusetts records, 1891-1955; and American Association of University Women, Boston Branch records, 1886-1978.

Stanford University Libraries
Special Collections
Stanford, CA
Papers: In Spyros P. Skouras papers, 1942-1971; and Arthur J. Younger papers, 1951-1968.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Archives Division
Madison, WI
Papers: In Alexander Wiley papers, 1913-1967; United Packinghouse, Food, and Allied Workers records, 1937-1982; George A. Sloan papers, 1917-1955; Howard Cyrus Lawrence papers, 1916-1966; Byron Price papers, 1901-1976; Merlyn S. Pitzele papers, 1932-1968; John B. Oakes papers, 1932-1969; and John MacVane papers, 1935-1977.

Syracuse University
George Arents Research Library
Syracuse, NY
Papers: In Harold Weston papers, 1916-1971; Nicholas Roosevelt papers, 1846-1962; and Richard Harkness Templeton papers, 1899-1952.

University of Iowa Libraries
Special Collections Department
Iowa City, IA
Papers: In Francis O. Wilcox papers, 1929-1985; William O. Weaver papers, 1951-1954; and 2 letters (October 7, 1952 and April 21, 1955) to J. Richard Feeley.

University of Michigan
Bentley Historical Library
Ann Arbor, MI
Papers: Correspondence in Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg papers, 1884-1974; Frank Murphy papers, 1908-1949; James Kerr Pollock papers, 1920-1968; Blair Moody papers, 1928-1954; Frank Addison Manny papers, 1890-1955; Owen J. Cleary papers, 1944-1959; and Wilber M. Brucker papers, 1877-1968. Finding aid.

University of Oregon
Eugene, OR
Papers: Correspondence in Wayne L. Morse papers, 1919-1969.

Yale University Libraries
Manuscripts and Archives
New Haven, CT
Papers: In Harry Weinberger papers, 1915-1942; Chester Bowles papers, 1924-1973; Anson Phelps Stokes family papers, 1761-1960; Ogden Rogers Reid papers, 1925-1982; and Arthur Bliss Lane papers, 1904-1957.
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