SMITH, Gerrit (1797-1874)

SMITH, GERRIT, a Representative from New York; born in Utica, N.Y., March 6, 1797; moved to Peterboro in 1806; attended an academy in Clinton, N.Y.; was graduated from Hamilton College, Clinton, N.Y., in 1818; studied law; engaged in the management of a large estate which he inherited; delegate to the State conventions in 1824 and 1828; unsuccessful Liberty Party candidate for governor in 1840; unsuccessful presidential candidate in 1848; was admitted to the bar in 1853 and commenced practice in Peterboro, N.Y.; elected as a Free-Soil candidate to the Thirty-third Congress and served from March 4, 1853, until August 7, 1854, when he resigned; resumed the practice of his profession, and was a publicist and philanthropist; he revived the Anti-Dramshop Party, but was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1872 and supported Grant; died in New York City December 28, 1874; interment in Peterboro Cemetery, Peterboro, Madison County, N.Y.

Boston Public Library
Boston, MA
Papers: 177 items.

Columbia University
Rare Book and Manuscript Library
New York, NY
Papers: 8 letters (1852-1863) in the Sydney Howard Gay collection.
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Papers: 2 letters (1866-1869) in the Griffing collection.
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Papers: 1 letter (September 26, 1836) in the L.S. Alexander Gumby collection.
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Papers: 8 letters (1836-1844) in the John Jay collection.
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Papers: 7 letters (1843-1860) in the Jay family collection.
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Papers: 2 letters (January 11, 1840; August 10, 1855) in the Thomas W. Olcott collection.
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Jervis Public Library
Rome, NY
Papers: 1853. 1 vote in the Thomas C. Bright autograph collection.
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Library of Congress
Manuscript Division
Washington, DC
Papers: 1840-1873. 12 items.
Papers: In Franklin Benjamin Sanborn papers, 1852-1879. 121 items.
Correspondence (1857-1872) with Smith and correspondence (1877-1879) with Octavius Brooks Frothingham concerning biography of Smith.

Papers: 1775-1924. 77 reels of microfilm.
Originals in the George Arents Research Library, Syracuse University.

New-York Historical Society
New York, NY
Papers: 1834-1874. 45 letters.

New York Public Library
New York, NY
Papers: 1819-1874. In Smith family papers, 1769-1907.
2 boxes. Includes family letters, printed circular letters, and political speeches. Described in published guide.

Syracuse University
The George Arents Research Library
Syracuse, NY
Papers: In Gerrit Smith Miller papers, 1780-1880. 77 feet (40,000 items).
Name index in library. Described in published calendar.

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