Historic New Orleans Collection
SOULÉ, Pierre (1801-1870)

SOULÉ, PIERRE, a Senator from Louisiana; born in Castillon-en-Couserans, near Bordeaux, France, August 31, 1801; attended the Jesuit College at Toulouse and later an academy in Bordeaux; exiled to Navarre at the age of fifteen for anti-Bourbon activity and worked as a shepherd boy in the Pyrennes for a year; pardoned in 1818 and returned to school in Bordeaux; studied law in Paris and practiced; engaged in journalism; imprisoned for publishing revolutionary articles in 1825, but escaped to England; went to Haiti in 1825, and then to the United States; after travelling around the nation, commenced the practice of law in New Orleans, La.; member, State senate 1846; elected as a Democrat in 1846 to the United States Senate to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Alexander Barrow and served from January 21 to March 3, 1847; again elected to the United States Senate and served from March 3, 1849, to April 11, 1853, when he resigned; chairman, Committee on Agriculture (Thirty-second Congress); Minister to Spain from 1853 until his resignation in 1855; author of the Ostend Manifesto in 1854, outlining the attitude the United States should take in regard to Cuba; resumed the practice of law in New Orleans, La.; was opposed to secession, but abided by the action of his State; when New Orleans was captured, he was arrested and imprisoned in Fort Lafayette, N.Y., for several months; paroled to Boston and fled to the Bahamas; travelled to Richmond, Va., to aid the Confederacy; moved to Havana, Cuba, but subsequently returned to New Orleans, La., and died there March 26, 1870; interment in St. Louis Cemetery No. 2.

American Antiquarian Society
Worcester, MA
Papers: Miscellaneous items in Louisiana papers, 1779-1937.

Duke University
Special Collections Library
Durham, NC
Papers: 1841-1864. 45 items. Legal, political, and literary correspondence, fragment of a speech, and a portrait. Includes 22 letters to his law partner Henri Remy relating to legal cases, political affairs, his activities in the Senate, imprisonment at Fort Lafayette and escape, and the federal occupation of New Orleans.

Filson Club Historical Society
Louisville, KY
Papers: 2 letters (1852) in Andrew M. Sea collection.

Louisiana State Museum
New Orleans, LA
Papers: 1845-1862. 3 items. Correspondence, official reports.

Louisiana State University
Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections
Baton Rouge, LA
Papers: 1850-1901 (bulk 1850-1864). 22 items. Correspondence concerning proposed acquisition of Cuba and 2 manuscript translations of "Notice sur Pierre Soule1'' by Leon Soule1 (1901, translated by Beulah Johnson) and "Biographie de Pierre Soule1'' by Alfred Mercier (1848, translated by Marietta Millet). Also letters (1857) concerning the Louisiana Tehuantepec Company in Hennen-Jennings family papers, 1803-1918 (bulk 1850-1870); and portrait.

Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Eugene P. Watson Memorial Library
Natchitoches, LA
Papers: Biographical article (1935) by Mary Lilla McLure in "Louisiana Leaders, 1830-1860'' in the Melrose collection, 1700s-1948.

Pierpont Morgan Library
New York, NY
Papers: 1855. 2 items.

Virginia Historical Society
Richmond, VA
Papers: Numerous items in various collections. Finding aid.

Virginia State Library and Archives
Richmond, VA
Papers: Correspondence in George Rust, Jr. papers, 1788-1858 (bulk 1815-1858).

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