KERRY, John Forbes (1943-)

KERRY, JOHN FORBES, a Senator from Massachusetts; born in Fitzsimons Army Hospital (Colorado), December 11, 1943; graduated, St. Paul's School, Concord, N.H., 1962; graduated, Yale University 1966; served in the United States Navy 1966-1970, with service in Vietnam; graduated, Boston College Law School 1976; admitted to the Massachusetts bar in 1976 and commenced practice in 1976; assistant district attorney of Middlesex County, Mass. 1977-1982; lieutenant governor of Massachusetts 1982-1984; elected as a Democrat to the United States Senate in 1984; subsequently appointed to the remainder of the term left vacant by the resignation of Paul Tsongas, and took the oath of office on January 2, 1985; reelected in 1990, 1996, 2002, and again in 2008, and served from January 2, 1985, until his resignation on February 1, 2013, to accept a Cabinet position; chair, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (One Hundredth Congress), Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship (One Hundred Seventh Congress [January 3-20, 2001; June 6, 2001-January 3, 2003], One Hundred Tenth Congress), Committee on Foreign Relations (One Hundred Eleventh to One Hundred Thirteenth [January 3, 2013-February 1, 2013] Congresses); was an unsuccessful Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 2004; Secretary of State in the Cabinet of President Barack Obama, 2013-2017.

University of Oklahoma
Political Commercial Archive
Norman, OK
Papers: 406 recordings. 1982-2004. Topical index on-line.

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Papers: Over 2000 recordings. 1971-present (2013). Searchable data base index on-line.

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